Elon Musk and Star Trek

Most people I met think Elon Musk is in the business of Electric Cars. I beg to differ.

I think he is in the business of Gigafactory.

If you look at his 10 Years, he has not worked on perfecting the electric car but perfecting the machine that makes the electric cars.

That is much bigger business than the business of making cars.

Cars and the boring company are incidental. They are businesses that are there to fuel this giant of a machine. The Factory.

Because once you learn how to make a completely automated factory, anything that can be designed can be made with least amount of physical labor.

Just as internet made books and newspapers obsolete, in theory, you can make labor obsolete. At least in manufacturing. You just need people to design things and solve problems.

His next bet Neuralink is limited by our understanding of human brain. So, it’s an idea ahead of its time. Because once you can talk directly to the brain, the need for devices, and hardware goes away and we all can truly be living in the matrix or second life or Sansara or wherever you live in virtual reality.

 It’s almost like he looked at startek and said, well, what are the things that can be done with today’s tech.

There’s holodeck, so let’s build the neuralink project.

There’s spaceship, so let’s build some rocket.

There’s transporter, which is outside of present science. So, let’s build hyperloop.

There’s replicator, which again is outside the realm of present science, so let’s build a Gigafactory.

There’s impulse drive, so let’s build a battery tech which at some point can hold enough charge to run a car and buy a solar power company so that it can be used in space.

So, all that remains to be solved endless supply of food. If he solves that, then there is nothing stopping us to just launch a spaceship on a lifetime mission and live in space like we saw in Wall-e.

No one needs to work for a living, they just live on a spaceship eating and entertaining being served by robots.

No one on star trek works for salary, because money doesn’t exist in Gene Roddenberry’s future. They just work for self-fulfillment. It’s a perfect socialist utopia, fueled by science.

Remember, you still read about Henry Ford. But not because he built model T. You read about him because he made the present way of manufacturing over assembly line. So is the Gigafactory. I think it is a new way of manufacturing and we are missing the forest for the tree.

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